Did you print quality prints from your last professional session?
Which one of these bellow do you think your children will look fondly upon?

Can you imagine your parents handing you a floppy disk of your childhood memories?

 In our busy lives as parents, it is already an accomplishment to get that yearly family shoot in the books! You have to think about booking a session, coordinate with everyone's schedule, get the kids outfits, get ourselves and the kids ready, etc. It's a lot!

Most people have the best intentions but times and times again, I kept hearing the same thing: we still haven't even printed wall art from our last session and I just invested in professional photos, I want professional looking prints, not Snapfish quality on my wall! Can you help?"

So many people asked me for help that I decide to start offering affordable wall art options along with professional printing and people have loved it! Some families actually decided to forego high resolution digitals all together (I also have "social media" packages available). People think that they want digital files but more often than not they collect dust on a hard drive until there is a computer crash. 

I now offer complimentary in home ordering sessions where I look at your home and come up with framed prints options that meet your style and home. I show you different finishes of paper, frames samples and photo albums so that you can figure out what fits your life and needs best.

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