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Here are some of the favorite places I like to shoot:

For a manicured park look,
Lenox Park is beautiful, with minimal walking, a stone bridge, a red wooden bridge, an Red English phone booth, open area, a lake and a creek. Cator Gardensis also an option as long as they do not have an event scheduled. It has a nice grand staircase, and typically nice landscaped flowers as well as some wooded area.


For a more organic look, Woodlands gardens is very nice with tall trees/paths and it is especially beautiful foliage in the fall and pretty flowers in the spring. Briarlake Park Forest is also very wooded with an open grassy area and a 100 year old wooden house with a porch.  


Downtown Decatur or Downtown Historic Norcoss(these are typically early morning sessions because it gets too crowded).

Belt Line/Krog Street or Ponce City Market is also a different look. We can do fun graffiti backgrounds and an industrial modern feel. These also are restricted in terms of hours because of crowds.

OUTSIDE OF THE BOX; If you are looking for an outside the box sort of photoshoot, I offer Holi inspired shoots where the family dresses in white and throws colored powder (washable colored cornstarch) at each other. It is a lot of fun for everyone! Can be done with washable paint as well. I offer seasonal shoots in the sunflower fields (First two weeks of July), in the lavender fields (Early June). I also offer lifestyle sessions crafted to your family's style. They can be activity based (family going skating together, going to have ice cream, doing craft of whatever your family is into)