Volunteer Affiliate  Photographer at NILMDTS.


​Because photography is so important to me, as a client, I truly consider hiring the right photographer an investment in our future memories. While their hands aren't quite as little or their baby teeth are gone, seeing these beautifully crafted portraits on my wall brings a smile and warmth to my heart that no other material think I own can ever achieve. 

I try to customize my pricing to fit every client as some prefer to only get prints and social media files and some prefer to keep the digitals.
I offer a base package with a select number of well crafted, hand edited photos (I do not apply "filters") but hand adjust each photo for 30 minutes to get to my prefered style.

For optimal results, most people choose to have me print their photos as well. Ordering/Printing/Hanging photos is on most people's TO DO LIST but after hearing from my clients time after time that they "never got around to it" or "the colors are off". So, I decided to offer my help as using a professional -just like using a professional camera- makes a world of difference. My clients have already invested in beautifully crafted professional photos it would be a waste to print them cheaply. Just like any equipment and trade, printers are the same, there are a lot of variations. You are not going to get the same result from a discount lab like Snapfish, Walgreens and such that you will get from a professional lab using quality paper, low fading ink and calibrated by professionals to your photographer's screen colors. Think about printing something off your home printer vs. printing from a quality Xerox even, it's a totally different experience. On average people spend $300-$2500 in wall art. I offer complementary in home sessions to help you choose prints, frames or whatever else you may need. I can even have someone hang them for you! It can be as full service as you'd like it to be.