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Photo Credit: Meg and Peter Bradyhouse

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My name is Vanessa Munsch. I am originally from France and I live in Decatur, GA with my husband and our two children. 

Ever since I can remember, I naturally gavitated towards art, art of any form. I applied my creativity to any medium I could experience: drawing, painting, jewelry making, stained glass windows making, mosaic, glass blowing, illustrations, children's books writing, interior decorating, furniture design and of course, photography.

I started my journey as a self taught photographer in 2006 and then earned a Photography Certification in 2012 from Emory University in Atlanta.

Before I became a parent, I enjoyed landscape photography the most. After becoming a mother, my focus started to shift towards portraiture. I love photographing people but above all, I love capturing those fleeting moments that define our day to day lives. These times are gone in the blink of an eye but a camera has the power to freeze them forever and allows us to see what we feel.